Fra.Da. S.r.l. has its roots in the distant 60s, at the beginning of which it was born as a wholesale company. Taking advantage of the historical moment favorable to these companies, it has grown considerably and in 2000 the current company, Fra.Da. S.r.l., with the aim of cultivating and developing the Christmas items sector.

With this in mind we have implemented our proprietary brand "Frada Collection", to which we later added the brand of our property "Frada Collection", also related to Christmas trees of medium-high quality. Subsequently we also obtained the exclusivity for both Italy and Europe of the sale of glass products made by skilled Polish artisans and, that is, glass balls for Christmas trees blown by mouth and individually hand decorated, reproducing exclusive designs supplied by us, as well as beautiful glass vases. These products are marked with the “Bombelki” brand..

Despite the considerable experience, Fra.Da. S.r.l. is a young second generation company, very attentive to the news and the needs of the market. "

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